iRobot® Cool Stuff Museum

Explore over 30 years of robotics history with the iRobot Education team. Experience the iRobot Cool Stuff Museum through the lens of a mobile robot while our team brings robotics and computer science to life. You'll learn about our robots, what they do and the jobs that go into making them. 

With recent changes at iRobot, we are pausing our STEM outreach program. Please visit our Cool Stuff Museum video series or download our companion iRobot Cool Stuff app to learn more about robotics.


Mission Driven Builders

Witness (and celebrate!) the engineering design process through multiple robots and explorations. Learn how iRobot purposefully builds robots designed to change the world.


Career Awareness & Exploration

Learn about the various roles at a tech company and the skills needed for innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

Experiential Learning

Explore our Learning Library to bring other STEM activities to life. Your students can imagine their own museum, draw their design for their own robot and challenge themselves with many other activities. 


Coding Adventure at Sea with Root

Stay Connected

We love to hear about your journey in STEM! Please tag us in your adventures at @iRobotEducation so we can share in your learning and success!

Learning Library

Interested in more STEM and robotics activities? Check out the iRobot Education Learning Library for hundreds of learning resources!


Start Coding Now

Code the course with Root in this mini-golf game! Try and find the shortest solution to complete each challenge. Can you code a hole in one?


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What Are Educators Saying?

Thank you (and Ava) for taking the time and energy for giving me a virtual tour! It was great to learn so much about iRobot’s story, current aspirations, and the opportunities the company has to offer. Nick M.
Your tour was amazing! Thank you so very much for taking the time to teach our kids about robotics and the careers associated with it. It was so inspirational. Marcia F.
Thank you, [iRobot], for visiting last week, at the tech club program. The kids loved it! The kids have started some coding exercises with Root too! Olu I.